Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finding out more about yourself can lead to sanity...

Some people I know are afraid to find out more about themselves. "What if I don't like what I find?" they say. "What if there's something WRONG with me???!"

Well, "So what," sez I. There is something "wrong" with any of us... that's a definite feature of being human. Don't like something you find about yourself? You CAN change it. God did NOT create us as a group of helpless automatons!

The internet has a LARGE number of useful tools for finding out more about yourself, your likes/dislikes, what you're good at, your strenths and weaknesses, and so on. One such (free) tool is located here at "queendom" ... where you can find out more about your "emotional intelligence." You will have to register but it looks to be free (and well worth it!)

Whatever you do, don't use your results from any such tests as a method of beating yourself up. You can't hold me responsible for anything you find out, either. Just know that things can get better, and, in fact, they DO!

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