Friday, January 16, 2009

Downsized? Looking to make a little money?

Unfortunately there's about a billion of us out here in the same boat.

However, I have found this gig where I will make at least a LITTLE money, and if YOU check it out and make some money too.... then, heck, we all win.

They seem to be on the up and up (though not suprisingly, the pay is not stellar...) but what it IS is for real. They use an escrow service (to protect both buyer and seller!) The bulk of the jobs are for programmers, but if you're a writer like me... there's a lot of THAT available too. Click on the link below, and happy working!

Note: this service is one of many, and is a global marketplace; you'll be competing with folks who are happy to write a polished 500 word article for a dollar. Still, if you're new in the game, it's good to start somewhere... and who knows, working at "getafreelancer" may lead to longer term gigs if you satisfy your buyers....

it is not, however, guaranteed to produce sanity.


  1. It is wonderful of you to share information with us starving writers in cyber space. Thanks for the info!!


  2. Thanks! there will be more where that came from. :)